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We have in short time   got tremendous support from our corporate clients like Colt Technologies Fidelity Amex Footprints Education NCR corporation Genesys Maquire Bank canarahsbc NCR corporation Tower capital
WORK FROM HOME is a new phenomenon we all  are experiencing for the first time . It becomes a mixture of a vacation , sporadic sessions of work, frustration to be locked in, and a feeling of isolation  .   After lot of consultation with lots of HR managers and senior managers  we  found that the main problem is the morning , getting up in time , meeting your colleagues  and getting charged up for the day WE HAVE A SOLUTION A group virtual session of simple Yoga  with emphasis on breathing and concentration, from a team of very experienced Patanjali trained yoga trainers. Everybody in the organization participating on the same virtual session on the same platform where they can see each other gives a great start to the day and sets a  routine  . BELIEVE ME IT WORKS AND IS WORKING IN VARIOUS CORPORATE ORGANIZATION WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICE

Companies large and small are aiming to make physical fitness part of their employees' lives. Aside from the proven health benefits of exercise, fit employees can handle physical work tasks better, deal more easily with stressful situations and are less susceptible to illness and injuries.

Our fitness classes are designed to help employees deal more easily with stressful situations, improve physical and emotional health, help maintain a well-balanced body and increase energy and productivity.

Our talented fitness professionals motivate, educate and encourage your employees to embrace and maintain healthy, active lifestyles. All of our instructors specialize in fitness for corporate environments.

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